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BMW just announced that its most expensive and luxurious models will be part of a new luxury division going forward. The new cars will be set apart from the rest of the range through usage of a new logo, among other things, and owners will get a different experience overall, being invited to special events that would fit their lifestyle. The upcoming BMW CONCEPT X7 will be part of this group alongside the BMW 7 Series, 8 Series and BMW i8 including the Roadster.

The BMW CONCEPT X7 is definitely on everyone’s mind today as the Concept preceding the production model has just been unveiled. Looking as luxurious and spacious as a BMW SUV should be, the new car was presented as an iPerformance model which hints at a couple of next-level powertrain choices that are bound to be offered. Some say that even fuel-cell tech could be offered later down the line.


The BMW CONCEPT X7 cabin design is all about visual reduction combined with lush materials. Pliable olive-bronze leather contains gold pigment. Open-pore ash and real aluminium accents, plus crystal glass switches, all up the material ante, but again remember this is a concept before you get too excited. Shell-backed lounge seats sit on slender rails, improving everyone’s foot space.

The wraparound driver post consists of two 12.3 inch displays, running almost together as in recent Mercedes. These two screens, and the ones for the rear passengers, integrate with BMW’s cloud-enabled Connected services. It’s all supposed to tightly integrate everyone on board’s digital life right into the car.

No details yet on the exact powertrain, other than that it’s said by BMW to have both a petrol engine and plug-in hybrid augmentation. The iPerformance name is also used on several other BMWs with the same idea. The 740e iPerformance can be had with four-wheel drive too, so that’s vey likely what’s going on here. But it will be interesting to see if this huge SUV gets by with the 740e’s four-cylinder engine, or if it needs a six.

The BMW CONCEPT X7 is a major sign BMW wants a bigger slice of the world’s luxury-car pie. It must be distressing for BMW to see how well Mercedes does in shifting S-Class coupes and cabriolets, plus the SL and GLS enormo-SUV.


Merely opening the doors makes it apparent: the BMW CONCEPT X7 iPerformance sets new standards in every respect. The occupants are received by an atmospheric lighting concept that continues to accompany them on the journey with interactive effects. Generously dimensioned windows combined with the Panorama glass roof extending from the windscreen to the rear generate an incomparable sense of spaciousness characterised by exclusivity and openness.

A place that could have been made just for you: experience a new dimension of luxury and sophistication with the BMW CONCEPT X7 iPerformance. Bearing the hallmarks of handcrafted perfection, the interior welcomes occupants with supreme comfort and incomparable spaciousness wherever they sit. The interplay of modern, clear design, high-quality materials and finest leather create an atmosphere defined by greatness and grandeur.

The BMW CONCEPT X7 iPerformance takes a visionary look towards the future and sets new standards in terms of connectivity and digital services. An innovative user interface ensures that the passengers are able to communicate both with the outside world and each other via individual screens. One exceptional highlight: the transfer of messages is displayed by interacting strips of light that move through the interior from back to front along the doors.


Inside, the X7 will be like all the 7 Series of the BMW SUVs. Being the flagship SUV, it will get all the bells and whistles like massaging seats, separate zone climate control and panoramic sunroof. The interior will be premium and upholstered in leather with power seats in the front and foldable split seats in the back. It will get the latest iDrive interface that helps setup the car, ambient lighting and other settings with a unique controller.

Under the hood, the BMW CONCEPT X7 will get the 3.0-litre X-drive diesel engine in different states of tune depending upon the trims. It can develop 258bhp of power or 310bhp of power or 377bhp of power depending upon the state of tune. Amongst petrols, you might get both the 300bhp 3.0-litre straight-six and the 444bhp 4.4-litre V8 options as well. All the engines will come mated to the XF eight-speed gearboxes and will get all-wheel drive as standard.

The contouring of those surfaces as well as the reduction of linework are part of a subtly revised BMW design language. You can see it in BMW’s other 2017 design-for-production exercises too, the Z4 concept and 8 Series concept.

But those three concepts taken together also reinforce another point van Hooydonk makes, which is that in future individual BMW models will be easier to tell apart from each other.

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