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Skoda Vision E: it’s the Skoda’s first electric car

Skoda Vision E

Skoda Vision E: it’s the Skoda’s first electric car

This is new Skoda Vision E concept car – the first Czech brand’s first ever electric car, based on the VW Group’s new MEB all-electric architecture. The new Vision E spearheads Skoda’s move into ‘electromobility’, as it and the rest of the VW Group turns the wick up on how many electric cars it offers in its respective ranges.

Skoda has showcased the Vision E electric car concept at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show. The company announced that they will introduce five electric vehicles by 2025, and more plug in hybrids by 2019 with the Vision E being the first step towards the electric vehicles. The Vision E is based on the Volkswagen MEB electric vehicle platform and it gets two lithium-ion motors, one at the rear axle and one at the front axle. Both motors work together to switch power between the front and rear and that produces total of 302 hp of power. Skoda claims that the Vision E concept can drive upto 500km in one charge.

Skoda Vision E

This Vision E concept looks very much like the Vision S of a year ago; a car that itself previewed the Skoda Kodiaq SUV. The Vision E takes a lot of design inspiration from the Vision S (and indeed the Kodiaq), so the angular front and rear light clusters, chunky front grille and sharp creases down the side mean it’s still unmistakeably a Skoda.

At the front, Skoda has given the Vision R concept newly styled LED striped headlamps and ‘Phantom grille’. The concept vehicle rides on 21 inch wheels. Inside the cabin, the concept features various screens on the dash like a 12 inch touch screen on the console for the driver to access additional controls. Also, there are an individual screen for the passenger at rear for various controls along with having an integrated mobile charging points at the doors.

The 301bhp electric powertrain is exactly the same one used on the VW I.D. Crozz concept that has also taken pride of place at the 2017 Shanghai show, so the estimated range is the same at 310 miles and it has the same top speed of 112mph.

Skoda Vision E

In terms of safety, the Vision E gets an Eye tracking function that monitors the alertness and fatigue of the driver. In addition, it also has a heart rate monitor sensor, which alerts the driver in case of him/ her facing a serious medical problem.

The Vision E also gets advanced autonomous technology with features such as auto pilot function that helps in driving the vehicle without the human input in traffic and on the highways.

All kinds of self-driving

Yup. That MEB group platform brings with its all kinds of self-driving tricks; the Vision E is a level 3 autonomous car, so can park itself, drive under autopilot on the motorway and swerve around potential hazards in the road ahead.

Skoda Vision E

In fact, better ready your “how is the car driving itself?” face, instead. Because, as per The Rules on any new car being sold for the future, this Skoda Vision E packs autonomous capabilities. It’s got the prerequisites for ‘level 3’ autonomous driving, which – if you don’t understand the levels – means it’ll drive itself in traffic, can autopilot on motorways, overtake, stay in its lane or swerve, and hunt down that elusive free parking spot. There are many sensors packed on board to allow this, along with many cameras looking around at stuff.

It’s a while off, but only a short while off. A Skoda Superb with plug-in hybrid tech will arrive in 2019, and the first Skoda all-electric car will debut a year later. In 2025, Skoda wants to have five purely electric cars in its line-up.

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